As part of the Giving Circle, MSCF members pool financial contributions and collaborate to decide how to fund innovative local initiatives that improve health, enhance well-being, or otherwise advance medical care in the Twin Cities community.

The Giving Circle provides a unique opportunity for members to determine how their dollars are spent through an engaging and democratic selection process. MSCF invites nonprofits to submit grant proposals annually. MSCF voting members then convene to allocate grant funding to as many as eight organizations for up to $10,000 each. To date, MSCF has given more than $1 million to Minnesota organizations.

Chair Jacy Grais
Vice-Chair Stacy Horwitz
Secretary Terry Appleman
Treasurer (ad hoc) Carrie Lifland
Grant Allocation Chair Elyse Less
Grant Allocation Vice-Chair Pam Mackinnon
Impact Assessment Chair Gina Letts
Membership Recruitment/Retention Samantha Moscoe
Advisory (ad hoc) Max Fallek
Advisory (ad hoc) Arlis Grossman
Advisory (ad hoc) Lisa Heilicher
At large Susie Kaufman
At large Norma Wolk